Are You Receiving an Accurate Quote for Your Steel Fabrication Project? Here's How You Can Tell

Before seeking a steel fabrication service, you'll likely request a quote/estimate of the work to be done. An accurate quote will be critical to the success of your project. Whether you're looking to fabricate in large scale or you need help with a prototype, a detailed quote will be key to your overall planning process.

But how will you know that you're receiving an accurate quote from your steel fabrication partner?

The quote should be detailed and timely

The quote you receive from your steel fabrication partner should contain specific details about every part and process needed to be carried out. Indeed, the quote you receive should serve as both a price list and a summary of all work to be done. For example, if a TIG weld or laser cutting will be necessary to achieve a specific shape, all this information should be contained in the estimate

In some cases, your steel fabrication company may need to outsource a specific process to yet another company. If you need CO2 laser cutting on a substrate and your fabricating partner doesn't have the machine in-house, they may need to subcontract this part of the project. Such details should be included in your quote so you can know what to expect.  

The quote should include any necessary design work

Most customers approach their steel fabrication company with a prototype. It is up to the fabricator to turn the prototype (whether it's a digital or printed drawing) into a tangible piece that the customer can use for downstream processes.

This is why it's critical for your steel fabrication company to have a quoting process for design work. Design work may involve sourcing materials from third parties, communicating with suppliers and carrying out advanced fabrication processes. These costs may blindside you if they're not included in your quote.

Cheaper isn't always better

While you may be delighted after receiving a low quote, think twice before signing the contract. Unusually low quotes may be a sign of incomplete/inaccurate estimates. If you prepare your budget to fit this low quote and later receive an invoice for additional services, you may be stuck with no way of completing the project. Thoroughly examine unusually low quotes and ask questions about the type of work that will be done.

A detailed and accurate quote will help you plan for your fabrication process. Not only will you allocate resources as necessary, but you'll also be able to monitor your project along every step of the way.