A Comparison Between Clear Acrylic And Frosty Acrylic Signage

Acrylic signage can be made from clear, frosty or milky acrylic sheets. Each of these options is suitable for a different set of needs. It is therefore helpful for you to determine what your needs are so that you can select the best form of acrylic from which to make your signage. Below are the significant attributes and uses of the two (clear and frosty) common forms of acrylic.

Clear Acrylic Signs

Clear acrylic allows the signs to be fully transparent. It is up to you to decide where the graphics on the signage should be printed. For example, the graphics can be printed on the standard (front) face of the acrylic. The graphics that are placed on this surface of the acrylic normally have a matte finish. You can feel the graphics as you handle this sign. The areas that are covered by the printed graphics will be less transparent than the other areas with no graphics. The major drawback of this placement of graphics is that those graphics may not last long due to the effect of the elements and frequent contact.

However, it is also possible for you to place the graphics on the back surface of the acrylic. This makes your signage to have greater depth since the graphics will be seen through the acrylic. The graphics are also likely to last longer since they will not be exposed to the elements or abrasive forces. Opt for clear acrylic signs in case you intend to use minimal lighting within your signage.

Frosty Acrylic Signs

You can also have signs that are made from frosty acrylic sheets. These signs will be translucent. Such signs should be used if you intend to always have a light source behind them especially at night. Some light will still be able to penetrate through the entire sign regardless of which surface you use to print the graphics of your business. The biggest difference between clear acrylic and frosty acrylic is that frosty acrylic mutes any light behind the sign while clear acrylic allows all that light to pass through. The same precautions that you need to take to preserve the graphics on the clear acrylic also apply if you opt for frosty acrylic.

Your final choice will be based on your taste and preference when selecting between these two forms of acrylic. Talk to a signage expert about your needs so that you can be helped to choose an option that will advance the interests of your business.