How to Advertise Your Business with Laser Cutting

If you are a business owner, especially one in construction or manufacturing, then you may already use laser cutting options. Laser cutting offers various benefits for your business including the ability to handle tasks that require high precision cuts and engravings. What you may not have considered is how laser cutting can actually help you advertise your business, especially during holiday and event planning seasons. Here are some ways your laser cutting contractor can help you with that advertising:

Laser Cut Keychains

One of the ways that you can effectively advertise and market your business to other business professionals is to use laser cut keychains. You can have the keychains designed with your logo laser cut into the wood or metal. You can also have special designs laser cut into the keychain as well. If you want to step it up a notch or make it more specialized to your specific business type, consider using a material for the keychains that personifies your business. For example, if you do sheet welding, consider the keychains being made of metal materials.

Laser Cut USB Drives

Nearly every business professional uses some form of portable USB thumb drive. These can hold blueprints for current projects, contact information, and documentation needed for various worksites. One way to reach out on a business to business marketing level is to offer laser cut USB drives. These drives, much like laser cut keychains, can have your logo and company information on the outside so that each time the professional uses the USB drive, they are reminded of your company and what your company does.

Laser Cut Desk Sets

If you are marketing to an administrative based business, then you may want to consider stepping up your advertising with a laser cut desk set. This will show off your company name but stick with a professional option that can be used daily. You can have a full desk set or something small that simply has your company information laser engraved on the wood or metal. As with the keychains, you can choose to have some or all of the desk set made out of a material your company works with such as a contrasting material or metal.

These are just a few of the laser cutting projects that can help you advertise your business. If you have any further ideas, or you are ready to place an order, visit your laser cutting contractor or representative. They can help with pricing and ordering options.