Aluminium Fabrications for Granny Flat Designs

Considering a granny flat for your family member is a huge undertaking with a lot of considerations. One of the considerations that many people in this position have is if they want to purchase a pre-manufactured model or if they want to have each component fabricated to fit their needs. If you are considering having parts of the granny flat fabricated, you may want to consider what an aluminium fabricator can do for you and how it can benefit your tiny home design.

Granny Flat Framework

One of the main things you may want to consider, as far as what you can get out of aluminium fabrications, is the framework of the granny flat. Aluminium frameworks have several benefits including durability as well as the ability to ward off issues such as bugs, mould, water damage and mildew. With a traditional timber-framed granny flat, you may experience a heavy rain that could cause water damage to seep into the roofline and to the framework.

That water can settle into the wood and cause cracking if it freezes as well as wood rot if it goes unnoticed. This does not happen with aluminium framework. You can also get most aluminium frameworks for granny flats as pre-fabricated panels that can be assembled onsite.

Aluminium Windows and Doors

An issue that many people consider with the windows and doors is the weight. Traditional timber doors and wood framed windows can be too heavy for senior family members. You may also be concerned with wood rot and other issues that could pertain to traditional wood options. An aluminum door or window is not as heavy and can be easier for the family member to open, close, and deal with during their general day. You also don't have to worry about special cleaning like you would with specific wood grains that may require special oil or conditioning as well as waterproofing and sealing.

Security Options

When you start with the ideas of a granny flat, security is vital. This refers to the security on the inside of the flat for your family member as well as on the outside of the flat. With aluminium fabrications, you have a wide variety of security options such as security doors, locks, window frames, and even security options on the inside of the home such as rails. If falling is an issue, then you may want to have special handrails and safety rails fabricated for your family member. Special textured flooring and ramps can also be fabricated for security and safety.

These are just a few of the ways that aluminium fabrications can benefit your granny flat design. If you are ready to move forward, take your design ideas to an aluminium contractor for pricing. They can also help you with design questions and options that may be available to you.