Diesel Dreams: The Advantages Of Choosing A Diesel Portable Generator To Power Your Farm Equipment

One of the most challenging aspects of running any modern farm or agricultural operation is getting power to where you need it; after all, it's difficult to find a wall socket in the middle of a cornfield. With more and more pieces of farm equipment becoming mechanised, digitised and heavily reliant on a ready power supply, many farmers find portable generators to be among their most useful implements.

However, any portable generator is only as effective as the fuel that it runs on, and many farm operators are turning away from conventional petrol options and going for diesel generators instead. Choosing a portable generator that runs on this unique fuel can have a number of benefits that make them particularly useful for agricultural work:

Fuel efficiency

Diesel is a more efficient fuel than petrol, and diesel generators subsequently tend to have significantly improved fuel economy ratings when compared to petrol-driven counterparts. This makes them considerably cheaper to run, especially when run continuously for long periods. It also makes them easier to use in particularly isolated locations, reducing the amount of fuel you need to carry with you to keep the generator running.

Easy maintanence

Portable diesel generators, like all diesel engines, do not rely on spark plugs to start up, instead relying on the sheer compressive force of the cylinders to ignite the diesel within them. Consequently, the cylinders and other components of a diesel generator tend to be very robustly built to withstand these forces. Combine this with the lack of spark plugs, as well as other components found on diesel generators, such as carburetors, and you have a robust, easily-maintained generator with fewer components that could potentially go wrong.


The robust construction quality of diesel generators also makes them more durable when exposed to everyday wear and tear; as you can imagine, this makes them ideal for the agricultural sector, where a generator can expect a severe beating while being transported for miles over ploughed earth. Thicker metals used in the construction of cylinders and piping also makes rust less of an issue, an ideal property for extensive work in outdoor, unsheltered locations.


Diesel fuel is much less inflammable than petrol, and in many cases it will not ignite even if directly exposed to a lit match. This makes diesel generators much safer to operate and transport. Not only do you have to carry less fuel than you would with a petrol model, but the fuel is much less volatile and far safer to carry in large quantities over rough terrain.

Compatibility with other equipment

Most pieces of agricultural machinery and vehicles use diesel as their fuel for its reliability, efficiency and power. Choosing a diesel generator allows you to run your generator from the same diesel stores as the rest of your equipment, saving time, money and the need to properly store two different fuels in separate, safe conditions.

If you're not sure which kind of generator would work best for your needs, consider renting each generator hire to test them out before making a decision. You can also talk with professional suppliers for more information and tips.