Which custom plaque is right for your special occasion?

Custom plaques are a great way to mark any special occasion. Do you need to create a plaque? Perhaps you are arranging a music award, marking a great sporting achievement, or commemorating years of faithful service in a particular work role. Whatever event you want to remember a plaque can be created that is perfect for you. One of the most obvious reasons that plaques are so popular is because they can be customised in so many ways. Plaques can be created in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and materials and they can come complete with a great variety of finishes.

Which wood is best for my plaque?

If you are looking for a traditional wooden plaque then you have a many woods to consider. A Cherry finish looks very different to a Rosewood, Walnut or Alder finish on a plaque. Your choice of wood is going to depend on the impression you want the plaque to create. A darker Cherry finish adds a formal element to the plaque, while a lighter Rosewood colour looks cheerful and bright to suit a less formal occasion. Adding a marble veneer to the wooden plaque adds a special touch of style to the plaque. Most plaques will have a brass engraving plate fitted with plenty of place to add a message of your choice and create a truly unique gift.

Are there any alternatives to a wooden plaque?

Wood is the most popular material for creating custom plaques but it is far from the only option. You can have plaques made using everything from marble, to sandstone, or glass or acrylic. The choice of material depends on the occasion you are marking and the way the plaque will be used. Many plaques are designed to be mounted on the wall but it is also possible to have custom plaques made to sit on a desk or other items of furniture.

What other customisations can I make to my plaque?

Many plaques simply feature engraved words but there are many other possibilities. Modern printing techniques allow full colour printing of any photo you choose to display alongside your message. The result can be a truly personal memento that the recipient will treasure forever. If you would like to order a custom plaque for a special person in your life you should talk to your supplier today. They will be able to advise you on most appropriate option for your situation.