How to Choose Goalposts for Your School or Activity Centre

The goalposts you choose for your school or activity centre are a very integral part of your sports equipment list, as reaching the goal posts is the entire point of most games played on the field! The posts need to be strong and durable, very visible, and easy for your equipment manager to maintain as needed. To ensure you choose the best goalposts for your facility, note a few tips and details to consider.


Goalposts are typically either U-shaped or H-shaped. The U-shaped posts will have two upper posts that create the goal, and then a crossbar under them. There is then a bar that extends down from the centre of the crossbar, to anchor the posts. These posts are used in games that involve throwing or kicking the ball through those outer posts. The H-shaped posts will have a cross bar along its centre, but the two outer posts will extend straight down, into the ground, creating the H. These are used for games where the ball needs to go between those two lower posts. Opt for this H-shape post if your students will be playing rugby, field hockey, European football or soccer, or any game where the ball remains on the ground.


Older and more experienced players may be more accustomed to the size of the playing field, and may have developed a certain sense as to the location of the goalposts. However, younger and less experienced players may appreciate goalposts that are a bright yellow, to make them more visible. Not only can this help the less experienced players keep the goalposts in their sights to improve their play, but it can also help them avoid colliding with those posts, keeping players safer on the field.


Steel is very durable and will resist dents and dings from being hit by a ball, but it's also very heavy, and may be cumbersome to move. Steel can also eventually rust and will need regular checking for this corrosion.

Plastic or PVC is also very durable and more lightweight, so it's a good choice for any field where the posts may need to be moved for different games, for practice and so on. Plastic is also virtually unbreakable, so PVC posts will withstand any damage during game play. The plastic also won't create a glare in direct sunlight, as metal often does, so it may be the best option for a school or other facility that has games played in the middle of the day, when the sun is the brightest.

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